What We Do

CryptoMechanics is a leading large-scale solutions provider specialized in advanced financial and trading technologies, cryptocurrencies as well as blockchain infrastructure. The company offers strategic consulting and software development services to corporate clients and institutional financial services firms worlwide.

Relying on decades of experience building financial technologies, deep roots within the cryptocurrency ecosystem and on robust software infrastructure several years in the making, CryptoMechanics offers the most secure, scalable and innovative solutions to financial firms aiming to embrace this new era of finance worldwide. If your organization is interested in developing a competitive advantage in the area of fintech, we would love to hear from you! Contact us today and find out how we can help.

Custom Services For:

  • Exchanges
  • Banks
  • Broker-dealers
  • Proprietary trading firms
  • Medium and large firms requiring custom cryptocurrency solutions

Our Expertise Include:

  • Order matching
  • Advanced order execution
  • Cryptocurrency wallet infrastructure
  • Algorithmic trading
  • Blockchain-based accounting and audits
  • Blockchain-based clearing and ledger operations
  • Liquidity aggregation
  • API design and implementation
  • Real-time and historical market data

Meet The Team

Shaq is a computer engineer with 15+ years of experience in project management, business strategy & development, electronics (hardware), network infrastructure, network penetration, virtualization, IT and frontend software development. Shaq founded one of the highest rated IT companies in Montreal and used to serve as Chief Strategy Officer of the Bitcoin Embassy prior to co-founding CryptoMechanics. Guillaume is a veteran entrepreneur in quantitative finance and algorithmic trading, with over 15 years of experience in software development, project management and executive roles. During his career, Guillaume has provided software development and consulting services to several well-known financial corporations. Previously, Guillaume co-founded and served as the Executive Director of the Bitcoin Embassy in Montreal, which under his leadership became one of the major drivers of Bitcoin adoption in Canada. Manuella has extensive experience in finance and tech marketing, worked with several startups and large financial institutions in business development, sales, investor relations, online marketing, and Media. A Finance graduate and experienced equity and options trader; Manuella rapidly advanced her cryptocurrency knowledge & skills at the Bitcoin Embassy by collaborating on the marketing strategy, getting experience with cryptocurrency trading and in turn gained in depth knowledge of the crypto market. A finance and technology enthusiast, Eric works as a senior accountant at Ernst & Young, where is he part of the global digital currency and asset technology team, focusing on the financial and taxation implications for businesses leveraging various distributed technologies. He has researched and written a paper titled Bitcoin: A Canadian Taxation and Financial Reporting Perspective, and also serves as the Treasurer for the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada.

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